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When you buy a product in Kansas City, MO, you may not consciously think about it. Still, you are protected by a range of consumer protection laws ensuring that: the product you purchased will perform as advertised, the product has been quality tested and is safe for use, and that you can rely on the instructions to help you utilize the product safely without fear of a defect or other avoidable accident, among other protections. In most cases, we purchased and used products and experienced no issues. We may also realize that a product has inferior quality or design and simply return it for an exchange or a refund.

Consumer Protection

Unfortunately, there are times when these products fail catastrophically, and the user suffers significant — even permanent or fatal — injuries while using the product as directed. In other situations, a user may not suffer injuries but will suffer a range of different damages due to false advertising or misleading claims by the product company, a failure to deliver a product or service, and many other issues. When an individual consumer is defrauded or mislead by a significant company, it can seem almost impossible for the individual to seek legal relief, but this is not the case when working with an experienced and aggressive Kansas City consumer protection lawyer.

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Our law firm offers a free consultation for people who believe they have been misled or endangered by a company they chose to do business with. This could be a breach of contract, a defective product, failure to deliver goods or services, and more. In any of these frustrating situations, a consumer may feel like there is no good way to push back against a large company to resolve the issue. Still, with the support of an attorney, this process can be smooth and successful.

During your initial consultation with our Kansas City consumer protection attorneys, you will be able to layout the details of your situation and provide specifics about the steps you have already taken. Additionally, you will be able to get direct feedback and legal advice from an experienced attorney about how best to move forward towards a fair resolution. Unfortunately, some people simply “take the hit” when they are the victims of consumer issues. Still, when you are partnered with an attorney, you can focus on the rest of your life while an experienced legal professional builds a comprehensive case to get you the money you deserve.

What Does a Consumer Protection Attorney Do?

Consumer law in the United States covers a wide range of topics, all laid out to protect individual consumers from being misled or abused by companies that fail to provide the goods or services they advertise. This could be due to an outright refusal to follow through on a contracted agreement, or it may result from misleading advertising or false claims made by a product, among others.

Kansas City, Missouri consumer protection attorneys, like the team at our law firm, represents individual consumers (or, in the case of class action cases, may represent a group or “class” of victims in a single case to streamline the justice process) to recover damages they have suffered as a result of the company’s failures.

Examples of Consumer Protection Cases

A few examples of situations that a consumer protection attorney in Kansas City, MO, would be able to help with include:

  • Misleading advertising for a product or service
  • Failures to deliver contracted work
  • Unsolicited “spam” or robocalls
  • Overcharges of fees for a range of things, including mortgages, bank accounts, utilities, and more
  • Deceptive or fraudulent behavior by for-profit education centers
  • Lemon” cars

If you believe that you are the victim of unfair practices carried out by a business entity, contact our office as soon as possible to speak with an attorney about your potential options for moving forward with your case.

Frequently Asked Questions About Consumer Protection in Kansas City

The following are just a few of the many questions that we are happy to answer when talking to a potential new client about working with our office. Keep in mind that the answers provided below are not meant to be taken as legal advice and are simply meant to generally give you a general idea of how a lawyer may answer this question. The best way to get the answer you need is to contact our office as soon as possible and speak directly with a team member.

Do I need a lawyer to resolve a consumer dispute?

There is no legal requirement in the United States for an individual to work with legal counsel for any matter of the law, meaning that you have every right to handle a consumer protection dispute on your own, if so inclined. That said, you will likely be going up against a team of defense attorneys, corporate lawyers, and in any case, a party that is focused on resolving the issue as affordably as possible for the business in question. Working with a consumer protection attorney gives you legal leverage by partnering with an experienced lawyer who can help you navigate this otherwise complicated process towards 

How much am I entitled to for my consumer protection case?

The answer to this question is specific to your situation, and a comprehensive response to this question will take time to reach. However, the team at our office will work diligently to go through all of the details of your case and gather evidence of the many different damages you may have suffered before tallying and quantifying both your economic and non-economic damages to reach a final sum. From there, your attorney may enter negotiations with the company in question or may simply go straight to the Missouri courts to initiate a lawsuit. 

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