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Any injury can have a severe impact on your life, but an injury caused by someone else’s dangerous behavior can be even more frustrating. When someone else acts in a way that causes an accident, you do not deserve to pay the bill for their negligent or reckless behavior, and working with a Kansas City personal injury attorney is one of the best ways to make sure that you are fighting for the money you are rightfully owed.

Personal Injury

In many personal injury cases, a victim will file a claim against the at-fault party’s representative liability insurance, whether medical insurance, homeowner’s insurance, business insurance, or car insurance, but it’s essential to keep in mind that these companies are not working on your behalf. Instead, insurance companies and their adjusters are often focusing on the most straightforward path towards the lowest settlement possible, which is why working with a personal injury lawyer is a crucial way to push back on this goal and represent your own best interests. The team at RKB Law, LLC is here to help.

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We offer an initial consultation for victims of many personal injury types (listed in greater detail below). This initial consultation is essential for you to learn more about your legal options and learn more about how RKB Law can help you specifically. We understand that the days and weeks after a catastrophic injury can be extremely overwhelming as your medical bills mount, and you continue to lose wages due to your injuries, which is why we encourage victims or their families to reach out to us as soon as possible to establish a clear understanding of their legal options. 

Read below to get a general sense of some crucial issues regarding Kansas City personal injury, and contact us now to schedule your consultation. Keep in mind that all of the information provided below is meant to give you an idea of how personal injury law works. Still, the only way to get a specific understanding of your situation is by going through the many variables that make your case unique with an experienced professional. 

Our Practice Areas

The following are the primary practice areas we handle in Kansas city. Contact us as soon as possible if you see your accident listed below or clarify what your situation may be considered and learn more about how we can help. 

Car Accidents

Whether you are driving or riding in someone else’s vehicle, we put our faith in others each time we take to the open road. Countless strangers pass us in our travels, and we rely on them upholding their duty of care to act prudently and responsibly while obeying traffic laws and working to avoid an accident. But, unfortunately, the unfortunate reality is that no matter how safe and diligent we are behind the wheel of our vehicle, we are always at the risk of being in a collision that someone else causes. 

Truck Accidents

Truck drivers have commercial drivers’ licenses and often several additional certifications indicating that they are professional and responsible when operating massive commercial trucks. Still, none of these credentials is a guarantee that they will not cause an accident out of negligence or recklessness. 

If you have been in an accident with a truck driver, our Kansas City law office will help you navigate the complicated world of commercial insurance while fighting to get you the money you are rightfully owed. We encourage you to reach out to our firm before taking any steps on your own, and we will be able to initiate your claim on your behalf while you focus on your recovery.

Consumer Protections

As a consumer, you are guaranteed certain protections against fraudulent practices, misleading statements, contract breaches, and more. As an individual, it can feel like you are trying to take on a giant when you stand up for yourself in the face of a massive company, but our law firm will help you by building a strategy, compiling evidence, and mounting a case against the party that has wronged you. 

Many people in Kansas City may not even realize that their situation is covered under Missouri consumer protection laws. Still, we will be able to determine your rights and options during our initial consultation. Whether you have been injured due to a defective product or suffered any number of other damages in this area of law, we are here to help.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are economical vehicles and can be thrilling to ride. That said, there are unique risks posed by this type of transportation that generally stem from the fact that the rider has no structural protection during an accident like the frame of an automobile. As such, a motorcycle personal injury case may seek damages for much higher medical bills and a wide range of other impacts on a motorcyclist that an individual in a passenger vehicle would not have suffered. 

Insurance companies will try to aggressively limit the amount of money paid to a motorcycle rider to save as much money as possible, but personal injury attorneys know their tactics and will work to combat them to reach a settlement or win an award that their client is rightfully entitled to. 

Medical Malpractice

When you work with a licensed medical professional in Kansas City, you have every right to expect that the caretaker and the facility will act with prudence to avoid any unnecessary harm while providing you with appropriate care. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and medical malpractice issues are alarmingly common across the United States. In a report published by Johns Hopkins in 2016, researchers “calculated that more than 250,000 deaths per year are due to medical error in the U.S,” placing medical errors above the third most common cause of death in the US — respiratory diseases. 

Whether or not your medical malpractice accident led to the death of a loved one or injury to you or a family member, you deserve justice. Contact our law office now, and we will go through the many details of your case to give you a better sense of how a Kansas City attorney can help you get the justice you deserve.

Wrongful Death

A wrongful death case, legally speaking, is handled like any other personal injury case; however, experienced personal injury attorneys know that these cases are nothing like other personal injuries because their clients are likely reeling from the unexpected and tragic loss of a loved one. Therefore, when working with our law office, you can count on our discretion and care as we help you through this sensitive situation and fight for the money you deserve. 

In many wrongful death cases in Kansas City, the surviving family members fail to contact personal injury lawyers as they are too distraught by the events and will either accept a settlement offer outright or may even not recognize that they are entitled to compensation at all. Contact our law office as soon as possible to speak with our team about your situation and to learn about how we are ready to handle your case with sensitivity and a priority on your family’s need to heal from this tragic situation. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Kansas City Personal Injury

The following are a few of the many questions we answer at our Kansas City law firm during our initial consultations. Keep in mind that the answer to your questions will depend on the unique variables of your accident, but when you are speaking with an attorney at our law office, you will be able to get the comprehensive answers that you are looking for. 

Do I have a personal injury case after my accident?

The best way to learn more about your situation and whether or not it will hold up in court or during negotiations with an insurer or directly with the at-fault party is by speaking with a Kansas City attorney about the specifics of your experience. The aftermath of an accident is overwhelming for many reasons. It is likely that if you do have a case, the liable party’s insurance company will be trying to make settlement offers as soon as possible. So contact us now to get clarity about the future.

Is it necessary to work with personal injury lawyers?

There is no law requiring personal injury victims to work with an attorney after an accident in Kansas City, but the reality is that personal injury law is complicated and overwhelming for the uninitiated — especially as you are trying to work on your recovery and get your life back on track. Working with a Kansas City attorney will give you the space that you need to focus on your personal needs while at the same time going through your case with close attention to detail and a deep understanding of the law. 

Remember that the insurance companies are not working to resolve your accident case with your best interests in mind, so having a professional looking out for your needs can be the support you need to get through your Kansas City personal injury case.

How much is my case worth?

There is no way of knowing how much you are owed without taking a close look at the many damages you likely have suffered. Something like your income or the number of your medical bills will lead to significant differences in our figures, so contact our Kansas City law firm today, and we will start going through the details of your accident. During our initial consultation, it is unlikely that we will reach an accurate figure, either, because the claims investigation after an accident can take a month or more. Therefore, we will need to consider both short- and long-term factors before returning to you (and the insurance company) with a starting point for negotiations.

Will I need to go to trial to get a fair payment for my case?

While there are no concrete figures about how many personal injury cases are settled before going to court, you can take comfort in knowing that fewer than half of all personal injury lawsuits ultimately go to trial. Therefore, our law firm will focus on reaching an out-of-court settlement agreement before taking your case to the Missouri courts unless there is a specific and compelling reason to do otherwise. 

In some cases, an at-fault party may have acted in such a dangerous and egregious manner that we believe you may be entitled to punitive damages — which are not part of negotiations — and may then decide to push for a trial. But this is not a guarantee that we will need to go through the entire legal process. 

No two cases are alike, and it is therefore impossible to make a certain statement one way or the other about your case requiring a trial.

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