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When you purchase a product in Kansas City, MO, you may not think about the legality of the purchase.  However, there is a range of consumer protection laws ensuring that:

  • The product you purchased will perform as advertised.
  • The product has been quality tested and is safe for use.
  • The instructions help you utilize the product safely without fear of a defect or other avoidable accident.

Consumer Protection

In most cases, products have no issues besides inferior quality or design. In this case they may be returned for an exchange or refund.

Unfortunately, there are instances when products fail catastrophically causing the user to suffer significant, including permanent or fatal, injuries. In other situations, a user may suffer a range of different damages due to false advertising or misleading claims. When a consumer is injured, defrauded, or misled by a product, it may seem impossible to seek legal relief.

If this has happened to you, schedule a no-obligation consultation with an experienced consumer protection lawyer in  Kansas City from RKB Law. We have the experts in consumer law you require.

During the initial consultation with our Kansas City personal injury attorney, you will be able to discuss the details of your case and receive legal advice. 

What Does a Consumer Protection Attorney Do?

Consumer law in the United States covers a wide range of topics. It seeks to protect individual consumers from being misled or abused by companies failing to provide the goods or services they advertise and sell. This could be due to a refusal to follow through on a contracted agreement, or it may result from misleading advertising or false claims made by a company about a product.

Kansas City, Missouri consumer protection attorneys at RKB Law represent individual consumers (or, in the case of class action cases, may represent a group or “class” of victims in a single case to streamline the justice process) to recover damages they have suffered as a result of products or companies harming their users in some way.

Types of Consumer Rights Cases

A few examples of situations our consumer protection attorneys in Kansas City, MO, have dealt with are:

  • Misleading advertising for a product or service
  • Failures to deliver contracted work
  • Unsolicited “spam” or robocalls
  • Overcharges of fees for a range of products, including mortgages, bank accounts, utilities, and others
  • Deceptive or fraudulent behavior by for-profit education centers
  • Lemon” cars

If you believe you are the victim of unfair practices carried out by a business entity, contact our office as soon as possible to speak with an attorney about your case.

What are consumer rights?

Consumer rights refer to a body of law that addresses the actions producers of products must carry out to protect consumers from harm. They were created through a series of legal disputes and have been codified into regulations called “consumer rights” in some states. By their very nature, it is implied that even these codifications may not cover all consumer rights. However, here are the most salient ones to date:


Consumers have a right to safety. This means they have a right to assume whatever they buy will be safe when used for its intended purpose as directed. This principle is breached when makers and sellers of products put in the hands of consumers unsafe products.

The Right to Be Informed

The consumer has a right to have sufficient information to be able to make decisions and consider alternatives before making a purchase. This principle is used in situations like deciding on medications or health services since a lack of information may result in harm or even death.

The Right to Choose

Consumers understand for every product or service they seek there will likely be competition. Here, the principles that apply are the provisions for anti-trust or unfair competition. This has led to the breakup of large corporations like Microsoft. 

The Right to Be Heard

Consumers have a right to know the government will take heed of their concerns and will protect them through administrative regulations and wisely enacted statutes.

The Right to Seek Compensation

This refers to the right of a consumer to seek redress against any unfair practices or any exploitation of the consumer.

If you believe any of the above have been violated, call the legal team at RBK Law and discuss your case. You may be able to enact real change and help others. 

Do I need a lawyer to resolve a consumer dispute?

There is no legal requirement in the United States for an individual to work with legal counsel for any matter of the law, meaning you have every right to handle a consumer protection dispute on your own. 

However, you will likely be facing a team of defense attorneys, corporate lawyers, and in any case, a party that is focused on resolving the issue as affordably as possible. Working with a consumer protection attorney gives you legal leverage. Partnering with an experienced lawyer can help you navigate this otherwise complicated process towards 

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