Retrieving Video Evidence in Intersection Accident Cases

Car Accident

The leading cause of car accidents at intersections in Kansas City is when one party fails to obey the traffic control light, or stop sign. This often leads to both parties in the accident to claim that they had the right-of-way. Luckily more and more intersections are monitored by video cameras. If you have been injured in an auto accident in Kansas City, make sure to contact a Kansas City personal injury attorney who can determine if there is any video footage of the accident to prove that the other driver was at fault.


  • Check out the surrounding buildings, residences and traffic signals to see if there may be footage of the accident.
  • Most recording are not retained for more than thirty days, or even less. You must quickly go to the scene and ivestigate if there is any video recordings that may have captured the accident.
  • Even if the accident is not captured, the video may provide other evidence of the other driver’s negligence.
  • Ask the other side to preserve their car so you can get the Electronic Control Modules (ECM) in all crashes; critical in many crashes. An expert my be used to download the data from the other car to show how fast they were going or whether they were braking in the five seconds or so before impact.

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