“When I had a fraudulent lawsuit filed against me in a civil matter, Ryan Bratcher was the first attorney to alert me to the fact of this filing. I contacted him in the matter over the phone immediately upon being served the summons for Court appearance. After Ryan reviewed the allegation in the legal document and listened to a brief discussion of the relevant facts from my perspective, he provided me with excellent legal advice. Of course, while providing no guarantees to me, Ryan suggested that in his experience with similar cases, a potential for a positive outcome might be reasonably anticipated in my case. After retaining Ryan’s services over secure email by signing the retainer agreement and paying a very reasonable professional fee, Ryan immediately handled all of the legal process for me. Throughout the whole legal process, Ryan kept me apprised of the progress in the case in a number of ways, including via text message, document delivery over email, and telephone calls, as needed. Just eight days after retaining Ryan to represent me as my attorney of record, a Notice of Dismissal in the matter against me was filed with the Court by the plaintiff. I will certainly consult with Ryan on all future legal matters for advice, and where appropriate I will absolutely retain his professional legal services if and when needed. Further, I would strongly recommend Ryan Bratcher’s legal services without reservation to anyone who may need sound legal advice and quality legal representation in the Courtroom for a very reasonable professional fee.”


12/31/2021 -

“I am surprised and delighted with my experience as a client of RKB Law. Never have I encountered an attorney so passionate about justice for victims of predatory lenders. I would recommend this law firm to anyone who desires an attorney who actually has his client’s best interest at heart and is willing to fight to ensure his client receives justice. Thank you, Ryan!”


“Absolute excellent service and commitment! Very professional and understanding. Although I hope I never need your services again, I would hire you a million times. Thank you for making a very bad situation turn into something in my favor.”


“Communication during the case was wonderful and it was quick and stress free. Highly recommend!!”


02/23/2022 -

“Ryan Bratcher has helped me with several legal matters in the last couple years. I have found him to be very professional and efficient. He doesn’t waste my time or his. Really a “no nonsense” attorney. Glad I found him, and will continue to use him whenever I need an attorney.”


“I had an amazing outcome on my case with Ryan. He worked very hard and was very responsive anytime I reached out. I would highly recommend his law firm!”


“I worked with Ryan Bratcher, and he was wonderful to work with! He showed sympathy and compassion about my case and the hard emotions involved in such matters, but was also very professional in how he handled the case. He made sure that he made time for pressing matters, and was very patient in answering questions. I’m very thankful that God led us to Ryan for my case, and highly recommend him! Thank you, Ryan!”


“Ryan immediately took the lead after i explained what i needed& made everything so stress free for me,not like another attorney i had previously hired who wanted me to do all the paperwork&the leg work& Ryan did it in very reasonable timing&he's very cordial&explained in detail everything that would happen..i definitely would reccomend him to anyone who is in search of an attorney..he deserves higher than 5 stars!”


“Ryan handled a legal issue for me. Ryan kept me updated throughout the entire process and would respond to my e-mail questions promptly. Ryan achieved the exact legal outcome I was looking for. The fee that Ryan charged was very reasonable for the goal he accomplished. I recommend using Ryan anytime you need legal counsel.”


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